Being a Photographer

I think the biggest issues that any photographer has is continuity and composition.

 As I've developed my eye for photo, I've also improved my editing style. Just recently, I've come across some hues that I really enjoy, but it's becoming hard to stick to one particular style when I'm such a young photographer, yet there is still so much I want to experiment with and try. 

Currently, my style has a lot of green tones and replicates color film. As for my composition, I never really thought about it until now. All of my photos used to be too warm and highly contrasted.

Below are photos from my portfolio page.

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Something I also found interesting is how social media affects the way that people perceive photos. Many people use it as a personal platform, but for myself and many others, I've used it to my advantage for making decisions in business and for advertising. However, you've gotta be smart about it, and I think what that sets anyone from a crowd: educating yourself, having the drive, and having an unbeatable passion. Those three things together create individuals stand out.

And that's something that I try to do every day.