A Short Story

It was a beautiful morning and Mina awoke to the sound of a house already bustling with energy. Mom was yelling at the boy. She didn't understand why he didn't look happy, it was a new day.

She rolled over and stretched her legs.

Mom pointed to the small room across the hall. The boy reluctantly walked over into it closed the door behind him. Mina's eyes flew wide open.

"Oh no," she thought, and she jumped out of bed and hurried to stand in front of the door. "What do I do?" Then she heard noises: a clank, a turn, a bump, she panicked. 

She frantically pushed against the door with no luck. Another bump. She pushed harder, her nails scratching the wood, pausing only for a second to listen for a sound. 

A cough. 

"oh no."

Her heart sank, he had been inside of the small room for so long. 

Whimpering she cried, "This is it," and sank to the floor. The boy is gone forever. As she lay still in her sadness against the closed door, the handle turned and out walked the boy.

"Mina! Hi baby! Who's a good girl?" 

She couldn't believe what she saw, there he was, perfectly safe AND alive. Mina Jumped up with joy onto the little boy and began licking his face. It was a good morning after all.